Saturday, March 12, 2011


This weeks art class was about a guy that invented Cubism with his friend. He was an extraordinary artist. At a young age he was painting stuff other famous artists took their whole lives to perfect. He was born in Spain. As I was studying about his beautiful and some very unique art I got side tracked on all the women that were in his life. No one gave them credit for influencing his art but I bet they held a lot of sway in his colors and his public relations.

Anyway, we tried out a few cubist collages. First finding parts of pictures in a magazine then cutting them out and gluing them back together. Then some of the children drew that weird collage in a sketch. Pablo had a weird way of putting things in his paintings from multiple perspectives so the noses and eyes were not quite from an angle in front of you.

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Scorchi said...

Way cool. I'd like to go to your school. Is there an age limit?