Saturday, February 05, 2011

Random funny family things

Such a cute baby, all dressed up and no where to go! She belongs to Pam and Dan.

My nephew got baptized! Here we are at the church giving him congratulations and high fives. Wait I didn't shake his hand at all he was not feeling well. His dad gave him a blessing earlier that morning because he really didn't want to miss his own baptism! He perked up for a while, got baptized, then he went home and back to bed.

His two sets of grandparents and his own parents.

This little girl loves to play games with her dad. They are playing pictionary. I can not tell what some of those pictures are. Looks like a fun game.

This is a little cowboy. He is sitting on a small play horse riding it around the room. I could not stop laughing. Giddy-up!

The cat doesn't seem to mind playing with the naked Barbies, just as long as she gets to sit on the heater vent. It is amazing what little girls can get away with and the cat takes it if she can stay right there. Warm!

Computer Vent cat.

Our bunnies were not getting along. We had to move Cheddar in from the cold. We put him in a hamster cage but he was getting a bit cramped so now he lives in a mansion. The two bunnies outside are so jealous. I think we might have to rotate them taking turns in the downstairs vacation spot of the year! He is toasty warm inside and they are freezing their little cotton tails off outside in the barn.

His favorite movie is Charlotte's Web. Such a funny bunny!

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