Tuesday, February 08, 2011

For Love of Ivy by Susan Evans McCloud

My dad let me borrow this book this last weekend. I think it reminded him of our pioneer heritage. It is a short read about a girl 16 years old that makes it to the Salt Lake Valley all the way from England in the year 1851. She marries a boy she knew in England and they move down south to Payson. He builds a home and they live 4 miles out of town all by themselves. She goes through some tough times but their marriage, love for each other and faith in God keeps them going even in the hardest of times.
I think it was well written in the voice of a women as she fights depression, loneliness, heartache and death of loved ones. I think it is neat that she makes friends with Indians. BUT I don't think the book was completely researched for the time period. A few modern sayings and things are in there that I don't think would be historically correct. I guess that is why it isn't historical fiction. It was a fun read, a little on the romance side, sappy but other then that a nice read. I like how the ending tells of future generations that benefited from the sacrifices of their ancestors blazing the way in Utah.

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