Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday ! I Am TWO!

I am TWO! 2011

2009 New baby!

Baby 2009

Read me a story. Feb. 2009

Happy Boy! 2009

Cousins! 2009

Mess maker. 2009

siblings 2009

Feb 2010

Blue Blueberries 2010

I love to climb in boxes. 2010

2010 Soccer boy!

Surgery 2010.

Bang! 2010

Church time!2010

Board Games!2011

Tea please!2011

Hot chocolate boy.2011

piano mistro!2011


Car box. 2011

Favorite Fruit 2011.

His little hand 5 months later. He was sleeping on the right hand so those are just sleep marks. The left hand is the one with the scars fading. 2011 feb.

His dad took him riding on the motorcycle during his lunch break for his B-Day! feb. 2011

Pure happiness!

He blew out his candles faster then we could sing. We just kept lighting them over and over again during the song. Feb 2011

New motorcycle track! Birthday Feb 2011

Birthday motorcycle. He is falling asleep with it even as I type this. Feb. 2011

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Scorchi said...

What a great picture journal! Thanks for putting it together!