Monday, February 21, 2011

I Coriander by Sally Gardner

This was an interesting and unpredictable book. Coriander's mother is not from our world but from the land of the fairies. Coriander is writing the story as she uses the light of seven candles late at night. As each one goes out she has completed a part of her story. It is a sad and tragic story of death, magic, sorcery and love. Everything was fine until she received a gift from an unknown benefactor. The gift was a pair of silver slippers. They were of course magical but also seemed to have an evil spell on them. Coriander didn't understand her mother's past but must figure it all out to save a prince, her friends, family, father and her own life. It is a wonderful fairytale filled with adventure.

This is the authors first attempt at a novel for older people. She has written and illustrated many children's books but never a novel. She is also dyslexic. She didn't learn to read or write until she was 14. She didn't give up when the teachers gave up on her. She gained a degree with the highest honors at a leading London art college. She went on to become a successful costume designer. She is a mother of three and enjoys writing and drawing. I think she is amazing and it just goes to show you what you can do when you think different from how the world wants you to think and do at certain ages and times in a persons life. Hooray for Sally!

Healing Book

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