Saturday, February 26, 2011

CV Homeschool Science Fair 2011

This is the mess form all the cutting to make the beautiful display boards for the Science Fair. We used 6 glue sticks and were up till 1:15 am the night before. Sheez! I could have made my own project just about getting ready for the Fair!

Here is the little girl that finished her project a week before the fair so she got to play while others stressed. I am so glad I had her to watch the little kids while I helped the other two finish projects.

Her project was called Cocoaflage-M&M's in Disguise. It was about habitats and how animals adapt to their environment and blend in using Camouflage to survive.

She used M&M's as the prey, chocolate eating people as the predators and different colors of construction paper for the backgrounds as the habitats.

She tested if the m&m's could hide and blend in on the paper and which colors were best to survive. Her hypothesis was actually proven to be wrong but we had fun following the scientific method anyway. And we found that it is best to be a yellow M&M because they survived the most out of all the colors.

This boy finally decided on a project and actually finished it! That was the goal-FINISH. He learned a bunch about tanks, tires, trucks and wheels. He also used his Mindstorm Lego set, programed it on the computer and found a design built the robotic vehicle then did the experiment. he also learned is it best to structure your time and eliminate outside distractions if you want to reach your goal.

He wanted to find out if wheels or threads were faster. Wheels were faster on carpet and cement. If he had more time he would have run the experiment on snow, rocky terrain and sand. He had fun.

Here is the other Girl's project. She likes to spin on a chair. I think she misses jumping an swinging outside because there is too much snow right now. She just sits and spins forever on this chair. So naturally she wanted to do something about dizziness.

She talked our neighbors into helping. They got really dizzy.

She proved her hypothesis to be correct. If you look down at an object while spinning, like your hand that is spinning with you than you will get dizzier then if you looked out at random things in the room not focusing on anything in particular.
She researched the ears and flight simulators. It was fun.

Here are some cousins projects. They were all interesting.

Everyone got a prize in the end for participating...candy!

Aunt Kami organized the whole event and did a great job! The judges were volunteer scientists in the community and the event was held on USU-Bridgland's campus.

The top three projects will get to participate in the Utah State Science Fair in Salt Lake City. Maybe next year one of my kids will go!

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