Monday, February 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Great Grandmother and Granfather Rasmussen!

My kids great grandmother turned 99 on Saturday and great grandfather turns 116 on Wed. We don't want to forget them because without their sacrifices and love we wouldn't be here!

We have been studying about our family history so we decided to celebrate their Birthdays and everyone else in February that has a Birthday. Tons of people in our family do. This is the most Birthdays in a month ever month. :) That is a funny sentence.

So I made a mysterious chocolate cake from scratch. It didn't have any eggs in the recipe, that is mysterious. Also there is a mysterious ingredient. Really, I know I have a problem with following recipes, I confess, I just CAN'T follow them. I happened to have some left over sauerkraut so I added it to the chocolate cake. Of course it is delicious and tastes a bit like coconut in texture or like adding pineapple. Don't tell my husband or my kids...I will in a few days after we have eaten it all.

We called my mom and had her tell us all kinds of tales about my grandparents. My grandmother used to babysit little Indian children. She lived in Roosevelt. Later in life she wrote editorials for the newspaper. Grandpa was a cattle man. They had land with oil, cows and horses. (lots of prairie dogs too) Grandma and Grandpa were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1934.

They had 7 boys and 2 daughters. (one was my mom) Grandma Telintha lived much longer then grandpa Ollie. Her sons provided for her later in life. My uncles and aunts were successful businessmen, some served missions, some served in the military, some graduated from USU and most tried their best as mothers and fathers. I am excited for the Family Reunion planned his summer out near Vernal, Utah. I have a lot of cousins.

2007 Reunion

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