Monday, September 13, 2010

State Fair - SLC

Today we ventured down to the State Fair to see what we could see. The kids were excited and we brought our neighbor along. It was HOT and just right for a day at the Fair.

I will start with the most exciting part...

We saw a General Authority, L Tom Perry! He was so nice and the kids got to talk with him. We took a picture to always remember this meeting with an apostle. We can't wait to hear him in General Conference. I bet they really listen to what he has to say this time around.

Then we went to the 4-H building and tried to find all the stuff the kids entered and which ribbon they were awarded. Purple is the highest then blue for first, red for second and white for third...

Here is his photograph of a Bionicle my son entered.

The Cousins Honey!
And photograph.

There are the Blue Ribbons and a happy girl to go with them!

We watched the Sea Lions perform!

Anyone for Butter?

This was my favorite artistic gourd display.

These little car scooter toys were a big hit! I wonder if Santa will bring one?

The little Farm. Fun for kids of all ages!

Farmer Boy!

Horses are measured in Hands. This is how many hands high the kids are.

Sadly the littlest girl got lost when we were looking at the piglets. Everyone was tired and it was hot. I thought she was walking with my son but she wasn't. We looked all around the cows, the sheep and the market buildings but couldn't find her. Then I finally decided I better ask the Fair people and the police. Just as I finished giving a description I see her walking way across the way with a man and my one of my daughters who was looking for her in that area. I say never mind to the cop and run off to catch up with them. She was found by a man and his wife at a booth not far from the piglets but in the wrong directions of where we had been. They told the Fair Staff and then Veronica said that the girl over there was her sister. So they brought her over to her and then they all set off looking for me. Whew.

We also stopped at Aunt Kim and Cindy's home just a few blocks from the Fairgrounds. I had never been there before. It was fun to play with the dog and see the cute little house. After that we stopped at Aunt Danna's house. She wasn't there but would be soon so we waited. She shared her nectarines from the tree in the backyard. They were so yummy and very small. We finally made it home by 7pm. I am Tired!!


le said...

The butter sculpture is what I missed the most. I wanted to go for the butter, but it just wasn't it the stars this year, too much other stuff going on. Too bad we missed you,

The Bec-ster said...

IT just wasn't the same without you le! My parents didn't make it either.