Monday, September 27, 2010

Mock Apple Pie - zucchini on the sly

For FHE we made a delicious pie that smelled like apple and looked like apple! It even tastes like apple pie, but hidden inside was the bounteous blessings from our garden.

Here is the recipe.

Not too bad.
One kid figured it out right as we were dishing it out with ice cream and he almost had a fit! I don't think he will ever trust me again. He was already suspicious of the dinner and wanted to know if there were mushrooms hiding in it. There wasn't.

The oldest girl decided to put on a nice smile and try it. Surprise, she loved it and even ate a second piece. The little ones were happy to eat and the dad too. Apples are expensive so free zucchini takes the cake any day! (or pie)

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