Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Speech Graduation

Jill has graduated from her preschool speech class. We can understand her a lot more then we could when she started three years ago.  She took speech all summer and all year for almost forever! She also learned to be confident and to speak up. We can't get she to stop talking sometimes. :)

 There she is with her special star T- shirt. All the mom's and dads and grandparents and family were invited to see the kids perform and graduate.
 Here is her name on the program. She was second so her dad had just enough time to see her before he had to run off to a meeting.
 Everyone recited a little nursery rhyme. She was Mary and recited Mary had a little lamb.
 They sang songs and did actions. They  also wore costumes for some of the nursery rhymes.
 She is crossing the stage as a new graduated little girl ready for Kindergarten.
 Pictures with the siblings.

This is Chris her speech teacher. She is the so kind and was a best friend to Jill. She made a huge difference in her life and we will never forget her! North Park preschool speech program is the best! Thanks to everyone teacher there helping these children get ready for what might come next! Life!


Scorchi said...

She is so big and looks so proud.

Dananna said...

I'm so proud of her! Hooray for graduating from speech. Now the talking has just begun and she will do lots of other cool stuff. Watch out Kindergarten.