Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Starts!

The First Day of School! Yeah! This is the Kindergartener already to enter the big world of higher learning!

"I want my hair done special for the first day of school! Are we done yet? the curlers are pulling me! Uhhgg, it is still straight!" Oh well guess it will just be the normal hairdo.

 wiggle wiggle and squirm!

 So cute and so grown up!
 Sunday style.
 First day of school for the 5th grader!
The 7th grader almost left without a picture! Middle school and already a big backpack of stuff to carry!
 AND after school they already had homework to do! Here we go again!

This little guy wants to go too! He had his backpack and found a hat and was ready to go to school! Instead we stayed home and cleaned the house and read a book and worked in the garden.

And My oldest does go to school too. He is almost too fast for me to get a picture as he rides off to seminary early in the morning!  High school is a whole new world too!

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