Thursday, August 30, 2012


Four Eagles, Dutson, Patterson, Saldivar and Rose! They all worked hard and finished their projects this summer! Everyone volunteered a service at a school in our community.

 Here is the boy that moved the library!
 Look at all his cute cub scout stuff! We even had his little pinewood derby car saved!
 This is the Eagle Nest. They are all invited to come and sit here and this leaves the audience kind of sparse. There are a lot of Eagles in our ward!

The supportive parents happily watching their Eagle. Hooray!
 His Grandpa Ron, a silver Beaver recipient and also an Eagle pinned him and had him recite the oath.

 Grandma Carol donated the Eagle Scarves that are embroidered on the back with a special eagle. Peter is wearing his Uncle Darron's scarf. That was special. All of my brothers are Eagles and it was a long hard path to get there. I remember...

  Peter is a 4th generation Eagle Scouter, that is a lot of birds in the family!

 These are the next cousins that will get their Eagles. Oh, and a friend that moved the library back,, he should have a court of honor soon! Don't they look sharp? And young...I bet they would rather be camping right now then posing for pictures. Thanks for taking pictures Aunt Kim!
 This is the guy that made sure Peter didn't drop the ball. The Eagle Mentor! It wouldn't have happened if he didn't chase him down at church and remind him what he needed to do next and gently prod him along this last year to finish what he started! Thank you Br. Patterson!
 Grandpa and Grandma Huntzinger - Supporting the first grandchild to get their Eagle.
The guys in the audience that noticed the flag was in the wrong place up in the front, but what can you do the meeting already started? I bet the 11 year old scouts won't forget to do it right the next time.
 Webelos leaders from Green Canyon Stake that helped Peter to get his Arrow of Light.

 IN The Nest with the big Eagles!


 The four Eagles happily on their way to many palms! (more merit badges after Eagle rank).
A blast from the of Peters all started as a baby! Ahhh!

Here is his posing with friends and family from the Hayward Stake and the General YM's president at Little Philmont. Pres. Dahlquist III was also my mission president.
 Serving on Memorial Day with the scouts placing flags on the graves of soldiers.
 Webelos Den Meeting  in Oakland CA.
 Rocket Derby as a cub scout.
 Arrow of Light!
Target practice with the cousins.
 Grandpa and Grandma on a camping trip to the redwoods, CA.
 Baptism Day!
 The little camper!
Peter growing up so fast. He sure makes us proud! Keep up the good work and be a good example!

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Scorchi said...

Oh I love it! I love all the pictures of the past. We are so proud of him!