Sunday, September 04, 2011

Starting the Harvest

The Zucchini just keeps piling up in the garage. We made the most delicious zucchini brownies. The recipe can be found here at I froze shredded zucchini and made zucchini bread now I just need the rest to go away! TOO MUCH ZUCCHINI Help!

Our first Watermelon! It was a big one! We have 10 more growing in the garden!

It was ready and tasted so good.

The watermelon boys with juice running down their chins.

All last week the sweet smell of onions permeated through the air.

The kids helped me peel off the outer layers. We were crying the whole time despite wearing goggles. It didn't last long and we filled the trays ready to dry.

The dehydrator was put in the garage but we eventually had to move it outside of the garage because the cats were having a hard time with the smell and thought we didn't love them anymore.

13 pounds of onions dries down to ONE pound of onions. We bagged them and used the finer stuff in our empty spice shakers as onion powder. Delicious!

A few pumpkins are waiting for Halloween!

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