Monday, September 19, 2011

Being just a normal mom, not a homeschool mom...

Life is really weird not having big kids home anymore. They all go to school and it is just the two little ones and me. We clean the house, hang out in the garden, play with the pets outside, run errands and clean the house some more. It used to be that the big kids entertained the little one and everyone shared the daily chores. If I wanted to run an errand I just quickly got in the car and the little kids were watched by the big kids. Now when I simply need to go to the store I have to find shoes, sock, help them put them on, load them in the car, seat-belt...get them out, hold their hands, argue with them about getting a treat...back to the car, fight over who gets to open the is so exhausting. I have been so spoiled I forgot how challenging an errand can be without big kids to help. Even if they were with me I still had someone to entertain them as we shopped, help buckle them in and someone to hold onto a little ones hand in the parking lot. I feel like a new mom with my first two toddlers all over again.
Getting dressed...there wasn't a big kid home to help her and this is what she came up with. It looks very stylish but not acceptable for preschool class.

We have melons! Sadly this one looks like a deflated balloon. Weird.


Scorchi said...

I hope you knew to appreciate them before cause that's pretty funny! Life is supposed to be easier with more than half gone.

Oh well, they'll be back all day next summer! hahahaha

Pam said...

I don't see what's wrong with her outfit.