Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of Speech Class

Jill had a first day of School too! Speech class started again. She is very lucky to have a time of day when there is only one other child in her class so she gets extra one on one with her teacher! She has class 2 times a week and then a preschool on early Friday morning.

Little Edmund and I sometimes hang out waiting till her class is over. He really likes the knights. They are mysterious and scary.

Edmund and I tried to catch a bus last week to pick up his sister. We waited at the bus stop for 40 min. and finally gave up. We were 15 min. late after walking home from the bus stop and getting in the car and driving 3 min. to the school. I completely looked at the bus schedule wrong and poor little Jill was the last one left at her class. She was sitting in the reading nook with her backpack on looking at a book and trying not to cry. Edmund was very very disappointed about not getting to ride the bus. We will try again another time on another day.


leBolide said...

Such cute little kids.

le said...

Hooray for speech class. I always had terrible luck with the bus up there.