Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare

I finally read this book after having in my to read pile for 5 years! It was worth every second. I loved it! Not only is it written from a completely different perspective on the time when Jesus lived but it helps you understand the people and era better then just trying to read religious books or the bible.

My favorite part is that the main character is a young boy named Daniel. He isn't exactly the good guy you cheer for through out the book. In fact you question his choices again and again and I personally didn't like him, not until the end. He was probably what a lot of people were like back in the days Jesus walked the earth. He hated the Romans, wasn't quite living like a Jew and keeping all the commandments, was poor and looked down on yet trying to live a life that he could survive the best he knew how. He was angry and vowed to avenge his parents deaths yet he had to be responsible enough to care for his sick sister. He was smart and resourceful yet completely irresponsible when it came to reason and safety. This book will take you on an adventure and might even change how you view your neighbors. I couldn't help but cry at the end as the Daniel discovers the greatest strength there is and looks deep inside to change into a better person.

Loved it! Added it to my classics section and will read it again. My son has read it a few times but even though it had been sitting next to my bed in a pile forever and he said it was good I finally just now got to it.

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Dananna said...

Hey I loved this book too and have it on my shelf to read again. I've recommended it to people through the years. Unfortunately I think it doesn't sound appealing until you get into it, then it is really good. I was interested that it was so different than I thought a book about Christ's day would be.