Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebrations!

Utah celebrates a special holiday in memory of the first settlers that came to this state to get away from religious persecution. They endured many trials and persevered as they put their faith to the test every step of the way. The Mormon Pioneers walked over 1,300 miles to reach the Salt Lake Valley.

Grandma Carol helped the girls make pioneer bonnets and skirts. Our primary is in the Hyde Park parade this year!

The Boy Scouts carried the flags in the front. The Skyview band played and many families and businesses in the community put together floats for the celebration!

This is our primary's float. It had bees and Mormon crickets to remember the pioneers that prayed for help when the crickets attacked their crops. The bees are for industry and hard work, the Utah motto.

The Seagull is the state bird. Each of the children is holding a flying seagull. When the pioneers prayed for help the Lord sent seagulls to eat the crickets and save enough of the crops for the Saints to make it through the winter.
I also rode on the float. I got to lead the children in singing 3 pioneer songs. It was really fun and we threw candy to the crowd!

The next week we got to watch a parade in North Logan with our cousins.

We got there early and near the front at a perfect spot on someones nice grass.

The kids each got a large amount of candy. The people at the beginning of the parade dont realize that if they throw out too much right at the beginning they will run out fast. They get caught up in the moment so this is the best spot for the most candy.

A pioneer band was in this group. They sounded pretty good!

This was a cool float with kids doing flips on the trampoline as it drove slowly by.

These are our friends from 4-H on their horses. They were in the parade for Helping Hands an organization that helps cats and dogs without homes.

Later we had a BBQ in the backyard. This was the chef for the day!

It was so good and lots of fun! The kids played all day in the backyard.

Later at night we did fireworks.


Scorchi said...

Wow, I'm impressed! You guys really go all out to celebrate.

Ross, Amanda, and Sons said...

I love Pioneer Day! Too bad other states don't get to celebrate it. The picture of the pioneer band made me smile, it is actually a family I know. It is just one family, the parents, their children and their children's spouses, and then their grand-children. All their kids were in band during high school. It is fun too watch their numbers increase.