Monday, July 11, 2011


Edmund is starting to talk with so much expression. He likes to call people "Bad-guys". He is suspicious of everyone. We can't tell how he puts them in a category of bad or good. Maybe he just means stranger. This is his new cap gun. He can really draw fast. He definitely has a trigger finger.

Edmund is almost weaned. So to encourage him to sleep in his own bed we brought Jill's tiny bed upstairs. This is the before picture. As you can see it isn't encouraging enough for a little boy so we had to make some modifications.


We made slip covers for the ends to cover the cute hearts. I found some Cars material. He is so excited to sleep in his car bed.

The other side has the checkered flag material. Sometimes he just gets right in the bed all by himself. The first few nights he actually rolled out onto the floor. I had placed a bunch of pillows down there but he rolled off the pillows and ended up under the bed. He fell back asleep and woke up later stuck under the bed. Usually we have to put him in the bed after he falls asleep somewhere else. I think it is working!

Where did he go? Check the peas patch in the garden. He loves to eat these green little pods and peas.

The other day Edmund was very quiet and I decided to go find him. He was in my room and had got the lid off the large container of lotion. His hair was plastered and my mirror was covered. What a silly little sneaky thing to do.

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Ross, Amanda, and Sons said...

What a great idea for the bed, I love it! He is so cute!