Thursday, June 02, 2011

"We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, you can come too too too!"





Lucy almost didn't get to come. She was on a Daddy Daughter date eating Sushi for lunch.

We kept hearing this strange sound that was very familiar after seeing that movie UP. We finally found who was making all the noise. mini Kevin

Edmund was very impressed with the little turtles and the big tortoises. They can live up to 135 years old. This one opened its mouth.

We saw Bald Eagles that can't fly anymore. We also saw bobcats and coyotes.

This guy is Kevin's uncle. He just kept looking at us like we would feed him chocolate any moment.

Edmund kept saying, " Bad Guy" while looking at this Raccoon.

Ten cents can go a long way when feeding swans. The little food machine gives a whole handful of swan/duck food pellets. The kids happily chucked them over the fence.

Did someone say monkeys? We headed over to the park next to the zoo for some sliding- climbing- fun.

sliding by three

Edmund rarely gets to go to parks, unlike his older siblings that spent many hours since birth at city parks. He was a bit scared of the slides at first and was really mad when they sent him down the big red one. He warmed up pretty quick and the only way we got out of there was to remind him we had grapes in the car.

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