Saturday, June 25, 2011

The beginning of a lazy summer!

Lucy's beautiful flower. She watered it every day and put it in the sun. Finally the flower popped open!

This is our half apple tree. Half of it died so we chopped that part off. It looks so funny now. I hope the other half doesn't die too.

The garden has a good start. The kids like to help for about 10 mins. then they go jump on the trampoline. We are having a weed problem.

It is like we are growing the a crop of morning glory on purpose.

The sheep project is still going. Peter went to scout camp this week and so I had to fill in for him. It was fun walking the sheep and trying to keep the girls from fighting with each other or getting discouraged. Sometimes those lambs are stubborn. Sometimes the girls are. We are learning perseverance this year!

Lucy is feeding her lamb Freckles separate so that the other two don't hog all his food. He is the smallest and needs his fair share.

It has been really wet lately and now the mosquitoes are out in a vengeance. Sometimes it is all you can do to swat the bugs and hang on to the sheep.

Magpies have been stealing our chicken eggs. They usually get three a day. We have been setting traps but so far the only thing we have caught has been a cat and yesterday two silly chickens.

We borrowed our neighbors trap made special for magpies and hopefully we will be successful this weekend.

Surprise for the week, Grandma Arlene came to visit Utah all the way from California! We really missed her so we drove all the way down to Orem to visit her one evening at a park with lots of other fun cousins we haven't seen in a while!

Susan had her dad cut her hair. I was so thick and long but always pulled back behind her.

Now it is cute and short.

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Anonymous said...

Busy days at your house! What fun! Thanks for sharing your family!