Thursday, June 02, 2011

Memorial Day Shoot

There is nothing like a relaxing day shooting up garbage in a nearby canyon to remember the veterans. It rained a little and was muddy but the sun came out in the end!

A .22 and a boy equals lots of holes and fun.

This is the side of the hill before we began. Notice the lovely BBQ grill on its way to the dumps but first it needs to air out a bit more.

Some instruction for the first timers. Shoot that a way!

Now it is ready for the dumps.

Recycle means different things to different people!

Susan looks like a sunflower on the hill. This shot was taken after the shooting was complete and we were cleaning up. No sunflowers were harmed in this event.

Code name: Susan

Did I mention it snowed this morning? My garden froze and at 6am I ran out there in my pj's to cover the tomatoes and pumpkins.

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Mike S said...

That was fun! Let's do it again this weekend!