Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going to the Fair Part 1

Just in case you are wondering what we have been doing....Well, it is County Fair Time!!!

BEFORE you get there you have to do a bunch of things.

So we washed the lambs.



Then we had the lambs slick sheered. BUZZED!

EB was so bored she almost fell asleep. She is such a calm creature.

Like Shawn is really going to get away, hold on tight. She just sat there.

Then we set up their pens at the fairground and put up boards to separate us from the hogs. The hogs like to bike the lambs on the nose if there isn't a barrier between them. The lambs like to sneak the pigs food, which would make them sick.

We made cool posters to hang with our 4-H club on it. But I can't find the picture of that. Then we had to make a funny little coat for them to wear so they wouldn't get too dirty.

We fed and watered them...then went to an informative meeting. Then one kid took a very interesting class on how to judge. Now time to go home until 6pm when we go back to feed the lambs again. Tomorrow morning we will be there by 7am and it will be show time by 11am!

AND we put two CHICKENS in the fair this year.

This one is really special and is sure to win a prize! Her name is FLIP. She is a pure bred chicken that will lay multiple colored eggs.

This other one is called a Delaware and it looks like it has a black pearl necklace. It is very nice and loves to peck. It's name is Pecker

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Becky said...

Wow the lambs really clean up nice! I didn't realize so much was involved with them for the fair. What a great experience!