Saturday, August 07, 2010

Getting ready for the FAIR!

We have been so busy with the final touches on projects for the fair. I think our favorite thing is just seeing what was made by each kid on display. Hopefully quality will out weigh quantity next year but this year it is just fun!
The lambs are getting used to people, standing still and obeying. They still have their quirks and are stubborn but getting closer to show ready. I think the kids are just about DONE! The lambs take up so much time. They don't realize that there isn't any thing better they could be doing at this time in their lives. They would be eating junk food, sleeping in and playing on the computer if they didn't have a lamb to care for every morning and evening.

Last Thursday the two oldest were invited to take their lambs to a day camp/preschool. It theme was FARM Animals all week. First we had to get the lambs into the truck without our official lamb lifter (the next door neighbors super strong son). I worked all week making a ramp for the lambs to simply walk up and into the truck. Yeah right! They didn't want to walk up my silly ramp. It was kind of narrow but that was the only width I could find in the scrap wood pile. Then it was also not strong enough so after I stepped on it and broke it, I had to reinforce it with two two by fours, 8 ft. long. This was a heavy ramp! The kids helped me screw the boards on and the cross boards. It looks like a ramp for a chicken coop.

Luckily after 20 minutes we successfully loaded the sheep. Whew. Next we dropped off the younger kids and picked up an extra sheep and the neighbor girl. Her lamb had a really hard name like Galadriel, which means in elven "maiden crowned with a radiant garland". She is homeschooled too and loves Lord of the Rings. Her sheep is so calm and really funny. She follows her friend everywhere. They bonded with each other instead of the sheep bonding with another sheep. Galadriel came in really handy when we needed to demonstrate different things and have the kids pet the lamb.

The place we went had us out side under a tree in the shade. The kids had 30 mins. with each rotating group of children. The groups were 12-20 in size. We were there from 9-11:45am. The kids presented interesting facts about their lambs to 5 different groups of children. About 85 children I think.

At first they talked really quiet and read from their notes but by the end they were talking louder and giving eye contact. They were naturals in front of a crowd. They had fun and the kids really liked to pet the sheep.

Well, almost all the paperwork is filled out for each cooking, sewing, artistic project... and all the projects finished...we still need to work on some cooking this Sunday after church. I think Monday we shouldn't have to panic to get it all to the fair and turned in. We also set up the pens at the livestock area Monday evening. Wed. we bring the lambs down and relocate. I am thinking about having one of the girls enter her chicken. We will see.

Here is one of Maggie's digital photographs she entered in 4-h photography. It is a weird one in its own category. We will see how it goes. I think the hardest part was the mounting of each picture and the super mind of its own double stick tape dispenser we were trying to use. AAAAHHHH but we survived so far and the pictures look great!

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Scorchi said...

Sounds fun and exhausting. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out.