Friday, August 13, 2010

FAIR Market part 2

What a fun day! The kids didn't stress too much and did a great job with the market class. The lambs were pretty average so next year there is room for improvement. That is all part of the game. Friday, today we do the Showmanship portion of the lamb showing.

After getting to fair early in the morning to feed and wash the lambs the kids all took a break for snacks before the competition. We keep the neighbors truck at the fair to hold all our stuff. It is like a tailgate party.

This lamb is clean and ready for showing. They wear the sheep coats to stay clean. Thanks Pam for helping us make them! They fit perfectly!

Here they are in line waiting for their class to go into the ring. You need to keep your lamb calm, watch the judge at all times and hold on!
They will take off the halter when they go in the ring and only use the lambs head with both hands to guide the lamb around. Actually it is more like pulling and pushing the lamb then guiding for some.

Here are the spectators! Mike came on his lunch break and it was perfect timing. He also got the baby to fall asleep for his much needed nap, whew!

Here are the highlights of Market:

Always keep your eye on the judge. Hold your lamb because when the judge touches the lamb it might jump. Some lambs are ticklish.

Shawn the lamb was very ticklish. She got away here.

She got away again.

Oh, not again!

Line them up again. Both kids were next to each other. Luckily this helped calm the lambs.

Walk them around...go you stubborn lamb! They all did a good job.

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