Friday, August 13, 2010

FAIR Blue Ribbons Part 3

Some children make out like bandits when it comes to blue ribbons! And this year this kid won quite a few Purple Ribbons which means it is better then a blue and is allowed to go to STATE FAIR to compete with everyone from every county in the state!

M&M Cookie Bars won a 1st place.

The doll she made with grandma Carol is going to STATE!

The first kid made a family tree for the genealogy section and it won a blue. The little sister just wanted to stand in front of it for the picture. It is falling over and is BiG!

Three out of the four digital pictures are going to STATE!

Stay tuned, next time we see how this girl did at the fair!

It was a long day but we all did pretty good!

This little girl got to stay till it was dark and all the carnival lights are shining. We actually had 4-H building watch from 8pm to 9pm. We just sat there for an hour and told people not to touch things or run around. Actually she wanted to say, "Thank you for coming to the 4-H building. Please look with your eyes not with your hands. If you have any questions don't ask me I am just minding my own business." And then when they left, "Bye Bye Now!" All in the Toy Story Barbie voice. We were pretty bored and tired so we were getting silly.

To Be cont....

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