Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plant a Watermelon on the top of my grave...

For Memorial Day of course we got a watermelon. This is the favorite perch for one little boy that LOVES watermelon after eating it every day at Grandmas! He knew what it was and he claimed it as his.

Made a cake for Cub Scouts. ONLY IT TURNED OUT SMURFY! If only I wasn't so lazy and had got some dark blue food dye. Oh well it tasted great and the giant stencil we made for the arrow worked really well.

Here is our little box of chicks. They are each original and different. Boy #1 got a Silver laced Wyandottes (black and white). The littlest boy has a Black Australorp (black/white). The little yellow chick is unclaimed, it is a Light Brahma. It will have feathers on its feet. We got an extra one because we aren't very good at keeping the chickens alive. So when one dies we have one extra to take its place. Mine is a Welsummer (brown yellow with stripes). The coolest one!

Girl #1 is a Exo Araucana (yellow with chubby cheeks.

Girl #2 is a Single-Comb White Leghorn
(little yellow chick will be white).

The two Brit -Rhode Island red chicks are Mikes and the girl #3.

Here are the 4-H lambs! The two oldest kids are raising them for the County Fair. They have a lot of work to do this summer. They named them EB and Shawn. They are both female. They are not as noisy as the lambs we had last year. They are also friendlier.

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bug girl said...

I think the cake turned out pretty great. And yesterday evening I heard those sheep baa-ing up a storm so I don't think they are really all that quiet.