Saturday, May 01, 2010


We had an onion problem so we processed the whole box! 22 giant onions are now frozen, dried, fried and eaten.

I had a good helper. She of course had to wear goggles.

We opened all the windows and turned on the fan.

The kids love onions. Way too much oil for me! But we had some left over from FHE donuts night.

All this and it only filled a zip lock baggy.

We did not put any onions in Mikes B-Day cakes. This one is called a boy and his butter fly.

"Go way key. Don ea miii eerl!"

Big boys don't cry!


elesa said...

Love those pictures. But I am still trying to imagine what kind of "onion problem" would cause all this.

leBolide said...

The problem was that we had onions.

The Bec-ster said...

We had quite a few onions after gleaming the fields in Oregon last summer at my sister's husbands family farm. Now that it is Spring some of them...well half of them sprouted. When they sprout the middles turn to mush and slime. If you don't use them fast the whole thing is just another additive for our awesome compost pile. We had to use them before it was too late, thus a problem. (Problem for Mike because he isn't a huge fan of onions.) It will actually save me time in the long run.