Saturday, May 29, 2010

Part One: CA Trip

We started out on a beautiful morning very early to drive to CA. We stopped 4 times before it was noon! This is going to be a long drive!

The first stop we came too the eight year old needed to use the potty but couldn't find any shoes. She had forgotten all of her shoes! Luckily there was a box with her Birthday presents wrapped up and one of the presents was flip flops. She opened it and wore these the rest of the trip. (good thinking mom)

It had snowed a few days before we left. As we progressed closer to CA we shed the layers of clothing because it was so hot. This coat was worn the last time at the salt flats.

Everything was a first for the baby. We said this many times during the trip. This was a first for the salt flats for him.

Look at those mountains!

Elko Park, traditional playground stop.

He was pretty happy for most of the ride there. He really liked looking out the window. I wish he was just a bit higher.

Stretching at Donner Pass.

We saw lots of dogs at the rest stops. This was going to be a dog gone trip of doggy adventures. The first one was when little girl #3 said she liked dogs. Then one ran in front of her as the owner tried to catch him while trying to hold the other one. Mike helped her catch it and then the little girl #3 said she didn't like dogs anymore. She always spotted them first at each rest stop and kept her distance.

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