Saturday, May 29, 2010

Part Five- Zoo, Kendo and the end...

We visited the Zoo! I'm glad we didn't have any fatalities after all the kids were stuck in this giant spider web.

Lilly pads!

Otters! I liked the tank because it had see through walls so we could see them when they swim under the water and play.

Giant Fruit Bats! My favorite!

Goats are not as scary as dogs. She was very brave.

What are you looking at? I could stay here all day and visit with these guys. They are always doing something interesting and new.

Swinging high! Very entertaining.

Then it started to RAIN!

Take cover! It was coming down in buckets! We didn't get to see the rest of the animals.

Some kids could care less about being wet. Others just wanted to go home.

I love the Giraffes!



Deadly game not for the soft headed.

It is also very loud.

The boys liked seeing all their old kendo friends in Oakland. They had a few good workouts during the trip.

When they put on all of their armor the baby was scared of his dad. He hugged me so tight. Then he figured out it was someone he knew he still wasn't so sure about the scary mask.

Can you tell who this is?

Off to Fresno to visit ! This was the best part of the trip. The kids played all day with cousins. They played outside on the swings, they jumped in the cold pool and froze. We ate yummy nutritious food and had a paper shredding party. We helped put up a fence and played with cousins some more... The oldest cousin went to the prom and we all saw grandma style her beautiful hair. The oldest boy cousin had a birthday! We went to church and listened to it in Spanish. Fun Fun.

But sadly Mike took the camera to Nevada for his class so this is the only picture I got, grandma waving good bye.

The baby was running a temperature the whole way home. He slept and just sat there very hot and drugged. Sometimes he would want to eat but usually he was just a little lump in his car seat.

Leaving CA and entering Nevada...

Very tired children. We didn't stop as many times on the way home...just drove and drove till 5am. HOME AT LAST!

Spring arrived while we were gone and every tiny part of the yard had tall grass and dandelions ! You can hardly see the strawberry patch. We have lots of work ahead of us.


Marie Hatch Chambers said...

It was fun to read about your trip. Thanks for taking time to blog.

bug girl said...

Your trip looked like fun. Sorry about all the dandelions, I thought you'd like them so I told the fairies to plant as many dandelions as they wished.

leBolide said...

If only I'd read about the strawberries before I mowed them!