Thursday, April 26, 2012


 The front yard flower beds. The Tulips we planted last fall are up! I love the purple one.
 The weeds and blossoms are in full bloom too and the whole house has allergies. Ahchoo!
 This is what Lucy does with her spare time. An hour and a half every evening and guess what? She has improved so much this term her grades were 75%  better then the rest of the year! Way to go!
As for Jill she arranges the doll house in her spare time and then photographs it to share with the cousins and grandma. The most important pieces in the doll houses are the slides. The little people like those the best!


leBolide said...

Where's the Garden Jawa?

The Bec-ster said...

The Jawa is behind that large weed. We took the picture before we weeded. You can see him now if you go in the front yard. We also found his little turtle friend.