Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring Break in Lindon, Utah

We visited grandma and grandpa! To our surprise it was spring down there!

We all had a great time shopping for accessories for the play we are in, shoes, socks, and stuff. We found some school clothes for the kids and of course some extra treasures. Edmund got 3 pairs of shoes in one swoop. He really needed some new running shoes because he kept taking the ones he had off every chance he got, they were just too squishy for his toes.

We played with all of grandmas toys and we ate yummy food, pizza, buffalo, Jello. We watched all of grandmas movies, she has a lot that we don't have because she still has videos instead of DVDs. We ate more food and watched conference on Sunday and played Conference Bingo. It was hard to get a blackout! If you did you got a licorice. Every night the kids slept in their own room instead of with me. That was nice, well one kid was in bed with me but I scooted him off to his own bed after he fell asleep. The weather was so nice the kids played outside too. It was a great Spring Vacation.

Lucy and Jill went on walks and to the mailbox, they were so independent! They also found stuffed animals to play with and Carebears.

 We are going on a Ward Trek with grandpa this summer. This is Susan in her pioneer outfit.
 Grandpa is managing a vineyard this summer. A Doctor in the their ward is converting an old Orchard/Farm to a Bed and Breakfast type place. He wants it to feel like the vineyards in Italy. You can come here and have wedding receptions and business meetings. Grapes have become a hobby for grandpa and he has many different kinds here. He has a greenhouse where he cared for some all winter. I can't wait to see it all green and European looking. (or Fresno looking)

 Grandma helped us make our petticoats for the play. She sewed and sewed and sewed! They are all finished and perfect! That serger sure makes things go fast. To bad you know one will see them, they go under our costumes.
 Peter spent most of his time reading in his own room, day and night. He was a big help in the end when we were cleaning up and packing. Thanks!
 The little people helped grandpa with some yardwork. They sawed and clipped and stacked the trimmings from the pruned trees. The horse wanted to see what was so exciting. Then they got a burn permit and set it a blaze. Of course we had marshmallows to go with the fire. It was a great breakfast treat.

 Happy Birthday Baby!! While we were visiting the unexpected most happiest thing happened! This little guy made an appearance! Darron and Melissa were hoping he would come sooner then later, now that the okay was given for his arrival. He wanted to come a month ago but needed to bake a little longer in the oven. He arrived on Melissa's Birthday and was just right! We had a party to celebrate complete with chocolate cake and root-beer floats. He missed the party but had his own at the hospital with his mom and dad.

 It is amazing how beautiful the world becomes when Spring arrives. Tulips are so vibrant when surrounded by green.
 The apricot tree. Or is this the peach tree?

 Grandpa took the girls to the largest pineapple display. It was at the Macey's in Pleasant Grove. I think they were trying to get in the Guinness Book of World records. The girls each took more then their share of fresh pineapple!
 Making funny faces on the way back to Logan. This little boy was so silly. We also stopped at Aunt Danna's and she fed us dinner. It was just what we needed to make it home. My phone died so I was really glad we made it home in one piece without any thing falling apart on the old mini van. I even made it in time to got to RS meeting. Whew, what a fun trip!
We went shopping at DI one day and Edmund had a little transformer toy that he found in the toy section. So while he quietly sat there next to the cart trying to figure the whole thing I wandered a little ways off and his sister was trying on clothes in the fitting room. The other kids were looking at shoes. The store was practically empty and quiet. I heard someone say a few times, "Becky", but when I glanced up I didn't recognize anyone and thought it was cool that someone else had my name. I kept browsing then heard my name again. A lady was looking my way so I smiled and she called out, "Is this your little boy?" I walked closer to her and around the racks and there was Edmund standing there playing with his toy trying to ignore the lady. I said it was and she just said he looked lost and she just wanted to make sure. I said thank you and he kept playing and I went back to browsing. It was sure silly that he knew my name and told her. Later that night we quizzed him and he knows his dads name, all his brothers and sisters and he can even say his last name but it sounds like salad bar. So cute! What a smart 3 year old. He still calls his grandma grandpa and his grandpa grandpa, I guess they are just too close to say them differently. He also thought it was really funny when I called my mother mom. He thought it was a joke and started laughing. "You called her mommy." like it was the most absurd thing and then he pointed to me and say, "You mommy, she grandpa!"

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