Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beehive State!

Yummy carrot cake with Easter Egg hunt. It was so delicious!

 Super rainy day! The neighbors goats are welcome to eat our grass anytime!

 The project: Make a Beehive!
1st you need a big balloon!
2nd lots of goop and newspaper.
3rd let it dry and then add more layers. Make little bees out of pipe cleaners.
4th Paint! Dry, paint and dry paint.
Last, add the lines and you are done!

We forgot the candy! That is okay we will add it later, right before the Birthday and after the teachers give her an A+
 Shooting rockets with the Scouts!

 Shooting bad guys.
 The Eagle project. Collect hundreds of boxes and find a place to store them for a month. Banana boxes are best but pepperidge farms has plenty of boxes to share too! Attics and garages are filling up!

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