Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Break in Hyde Park, Utah!

 Oh, the snow that keeps falling. Thursday just seemed like a good day to unpack and enjoy a nice quiet day inside. Did we have a choice? NO! It fell all morning! IT just kept coming!

 We made Easter chocolates.
 Friday we saw the catholic churches pilgrimage across town with Jesus. It was a very moving scene and it made everyone sad. The soldiers were really mean to him.
 Strawberries are in season! This is our angel wings special strawberry. We are going to make jam soon.

 This cat missed us and seems to think she can sleep in the girls room all day. She is quiet and gets away with it. I say, "Go catch some mice!!!"

The Saturday Easter Egg Hunt spread over 3 acres! We used the neighbors yards too! The cousins came and the neighbors came. It was fun and we are glad the sun was shining again.

 Five eggs are still missing! I hope they are found before it rains next week.
 Dying eggs is serious business! The bigger boys were sent in to get the dye ready. It was like a chemistry experiment. They failed right at the beginning...the little containers are supposed to match the color in them. They didn't realize this till later. I just laughed at them. Silly boys.
 "Hmm, what color should I do my eggs? I know! BLUE!" Every single one was purposely and meticulously died a very blue shade of blue by the little boy blue himself.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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