Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh, this and that at our house...

The Regional Science Fair!  Susan did a great job waiting patiently for the judges, explaining her project and then waiting for the awards ceremony later. She got a medal and presented her project well. Great job!
 If you had a whole box of band-aids for your Birthday wouldn't you just stick them all over the house in random spots just for fun? Well, that is what Edmund has been doing. The box is almost empty. He gets more attention doing this than putting them on himself and faking injuries.
 Spider-man pj's and a monster truck coloring book can make me happy! Later I just kept coloring and now my whole arm is green. Then I got to take a bath so it was all good. Being three is the best!

Lucy got a haircut! She looks so different. One girl at school commented on how cute it looked every time she saw her. Once at the first recess, then again at lunch. When she saw her at the last recess she just couldn't help but say it again! Lucy just said, "You already said that, thanks."

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