Saturday, February 11, 2012

Science Fair TEC

Now this was an interesting project! Well presented and nicely done. Everyone likes brownies! Even if they had Spinach in them! Yum! Please do not put Bacon in your brownies, that was a flop. Applesauce was pretty good  but the best brownie for taste was following the recipe! His project actually looked into the psychology of knowing what is in it vs. not knowing and if that changed the taste.
 She swept the 6th grade division off their feet! 1st place and she gets to go to regional Fair in two weeks!
Her project was all about finding a healthy alternative to the fast food deep fried french fry yet still have a great crispy taste. Baked french fries made out of Red potatoes and soaked to remove starch turned out the crispiest! Yum!

 Turning 3 in a few days and Grandma Arlene sent a present! He loves to play with his new cars! There was no way he was going to wait to open them! He also looks at the world a little different now!

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Pam said...

I'm so proud that I'm those kid's aunt.