Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  Jill was sad that she didn't get to be in the Sheep Speak - cousin news letter Grandma Arlene prints and sends out for all the cousins. I just always forget to take pictures of her doing interesting things. So this is all Jill!!!!

This is Jill getting ready to go out and do the chores on a very cold  evening. She has to wear boots because it is messy in the barn and a long walk through the snow to get there, a hat and gloves so she doesn't start crying that she can't feel her fingers. A very warm coat zipped all the way up with pockets for eggs if there is too many to carry in her hand. A head lamp so she can use her hands to do things like feed the rabbits and chickens and an extra flashlight for security. We always turn all the lights off on the way out so we can look at the stars when we are standing in the middle of the field. (We only do this for a few seconds because it is too cold to look for very long) You can see the constellation Orion in the Eastern part of the sky. We also always look for the Temple, which is to the south of our barn and a great view at night, all bright with the towers on both sides lit up. It is about 5 miles from our house. And you can always find it in Cache Valley to help you know where you are if you think you are lost. Jill likes to say, "I know where we are I can see the temple." It is like a security blanket.

 Jill started a gymnastics class offered to homeschoolers. We get a great price because it is during the morning when the gym is usually empty. Some of her friends and cousins are taking the class too. She likes to do things on the parallel bars.
 She loves gymnastics and goes every Monday. The last 15 min. of class all the little siblings can come out on the floor with their moms and it is free time. There is a huge foam pit and two large trampolines. Lots of other stuff and beams...a parachute and of course a lot of soft pads all over the floors.
Edmund loves his class at the end when he just jumps into the pit over and over for 15 min. Last week his dad came and jumped in with him. He also likes to climb. He calls himself spiderman. I didn't get any pictures of him because he was too fast and I had to hold on to him so he didn't get hurt. Okay back to Jill.

Jill had a dentist appointment. The second out of 4 scheduled for this year. Yes it is only January! She has 8 cavities and one was so big it couldn't wait any longer. The tooth was caped and her face was numbed. She just stayed on the couch the rest of the day being sad. 
I would be sad too if my brother had an appointment the same day to get his molars sealed. He held so still and was such a good boy so then his mom took him to get a treat. He picked out a HUGE bag of cheese puffs and then ate them all in front of you. Poor Jill couldn't chew because her mouth hurt and she likes cheese puffs too. 
Her mom made her a yogurt shake later.
We also rearranged the the girls room and added a bed for Jill. She is on a trundle and it sticks out part way from under the lower bunk so there would still be room for all of Susan's treasures. The room just seems to be getting smaller and smaller no matter how we arrange it.

On a different thread...
Family home evening we had tickle fights and then ate a very funny looking apple pie without any ice cream. Everyone did so many talents we are all talented out. All the kids said their poems for school, practiced their piano pieces and songs for the tryout, danced and yelled then finally we finished and everyone went to bed!

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Scorchi said...

Too bad I already send out SS without any of your kids, so she'll have to wait another week!!

BTW, the pie looks delicious! I bet everyone loved it!