Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Review for a new Beehive Girl!

 Susan is 12 and is as silly as they come. She is tall and skinny and has been wearing the same thing for the last 6 months to church. All the Beehive girls are so stylish and all attend public school but one. So what do you do with a girl with no fashion sense? Grandma Carol decided to help her out a bit. But this was not easy task because she is PICKY! She also had to make the clothes without Susan right there to try them on and adjust them so this was double tricky. (now if we could only get her to brush her hair!)
 Here is her new black skirt with the polka-dots on the bottom. She was already wearing the socks and she wouldn't take them off so just ignore them in all the pictures. The Jacket was also remade for a nice touch over the long reddish brown top layered with a shirt underneath. So Cute!
 Here is is without the jacket. Also super cute!
 The next outfit was a brown skirt taken in on the top so it fit her waist. Then a cute shirt under with a lacy fringe added to make it longer and also on top so that it went up higher on the neck. It is perfect! I don't think she will wear the hood up while at church.

Thank you Grandma for helping Susan feel as beautiful as she is with a little help from some cute outfits.
Susan's feet are destined to be as big as her mom's she is already wearing a women's size 7 1/2 wide on the front and skinny on the back! Maybe I should do a post about all the shoes she has gone through in the last 6 months! CRAZY! I love her and am so glad she is my beautiful creative and kind daughter!

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