Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy New Year!

 Grandma shared a whole bag of Persimmons with this little guy. He could have eaten them all in one day! They are his favorite but since they are my favorite too we only eat a few a day and share them.
Here you have FHE with the talented Susan wrapping her little brother up like a burrito. We couldn't stop laughing as he hopped around the room like a jumping inch worm. 
 Jill got a doll house for Christmas from her cousins. They had too many doll houses so they shared. She loves to play with the whole family of dolls. Her favorite is the swing and the little dog. Sometimes the Pollypockets join the fun too.
It finally snowed! There wasn't any snow for Christmas but the end of the first week in Jan. it finally covered the mud and made the world a beautiful place. Too bad it is below freezing so it makes it hard to play outside for very long.
 With the new year comes going back to school. Peter has a hard time getting ready on time in the morning. He can't find his shoes, his coat or his backpack. The girls just keep all these things in one place together but for some reason these are always missing. If he isn't ready in time then he gets left when his dad leaves for work in the morning. This makes his mom very angry because then she has to wake the little kids up and get them dressed and try to get him to school on time. This is Peter barely making it on time to ride with his dad on the first day back to school this year!
Friday they get out early and this Friday I was waiting for my alarm to go off to go pick them up when I got a phone call saying, "mom where are you?" Oh, rats I forgot that Friday was out early! Then my alarm went off at the regular time for picking up the rest of the week. I don't have enough space to set it for Friday early pick up.

 It is Science Fair time! Here is Peter making brownies. He is trying to prove in a taste test if you know what is in the brownie before eating them does this effect how you rate the taste. He switched out the oil ingredient and added things like Spinach, applesauce and shortening, oh and the scariest one he added Bacon grease.

 He had to make sure he didn't get them mixed up. He labeled all the pans and plates. Cutting the brownies was the hard part. They kind of just crumbled or mushed together.

 This was a very mushy bacon grease brownie. I think the smoked flavor was a bit over powering.

 Here are a few test subjects. I think after eating 10 different brownie pieces in the end you are so tired of brownies you would rate them lower. The first couple bites are delicious the 8-10th is blah.

 We still need to organize the data and see if he hypothesis was correct. It was interesting to have older and younger people participate. There were so many variables that the test is a bit flawed but it was still fun do. The science fair is the first week of February.

Here is Susan's project about potatoes. She is using the information from the last project she did on potatoes but going a step further. She wants to find a healthier snack to deep fried french fries. She is using a method of baking them instead of frying. She wants to find out which type out of 200 species of potatoes would be the crispiest using this baked fry method. She only has 3 different types. Russet, Red and Sweet potato.
 Here she is measuring the crispiness by how far she can bend them before they break. They were all bendy so this didn't really work.
 The sweet potatoes just burnt. I think they had too much sugar in them to be cooked at the same temperature and time as the other two.
They all tasted just great but not the burnt ones. Her hypothesis was proven to be incorrect and we don't know what went wrong. The Red potato was the crispiest at this method and she thought for sure the Russet would be crispier. Science is always fun and hopefully we will be able to present the information correctly for an A.

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