Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are back!

Where have we been? You didn't miss us? (Sob)
I lost the camera for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Hooray it has been found. First I put out an award...any kid that found it would get a candy bar of their choice. Then the stakes got even higher...two whole candy bars. It was last seen near the computer. It had to be in the house somewhere!
Today we cleaned out the toy bins and I thought for sure that is where it would be found. And the kids eagerly helped because if they found it they would get candy! And I even gave them the incentive that if they helped me with the toys and finished before noon then we would make the gingerbread (graham cracker) houses. STILL NO Camera! (I did drop off 3 bags of toys to the second hand store we sorted!)

Well, after all that...I found the camera in my room on the dresser later that night.

No, I don't get any candy.

So here are some re-enactment pictures of the past two weeks...

Here is our funny little tree that we love dearly even though she sheds each time the little guy bumps her. He likes to plug in the lights and un-plug the lights and run around the back of the tree. All the tiny breakable balls are hanging on one branch up high because he couldn't keep his hands off them! He broke quite a few before we finally moved them higher.

The piano brings beautiful Christmas music to our ears almost non-stop all day every day! The kids are getting ready for a recital at the neighbors house for FHE on Monday. Practice practice PRACTICE!

Kittens! It has been 20-25 degrees F. all week. The poor kittens like to sneak in and hide in the laundry room next to the heater under the chairs. I don't mind them sitting there as long as they don't venture into the kitchen and lick the butter!

We painted our windows in the front. Here are the ones painted with the oldest girl. The last one is the window when all the kids joined us in the end. It looks like a blizzard.

Our Christmas tradition is making candy houses. Last year we did a real gingerbread house but it was hard to let everyone do their thing on one big house. I like the individual just the right size houses better. So do the kids. The only problem is where do I put them now...the little mad candy picker-offer is also on the loose!!!

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