Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy 13th to my oldest son!!!

Can you tell what the cake is supposed to be?


OOHH, famous homemade Chocolate Bark from the Bee's Brothers of Cache Valley, UT! Thanks cousins!

Cai came through and dropped off presents from grandma. Here is a fun beyblade launcher. Thanks grandma!

Saturday he and his dad headed down to SLC for Kendo! They both returned very sore in every muscle and on the top of their heads.

Thursday evening he received 3 more merit badges and his troop earned the 100 year patch!

His troop made a goal to earn 100 merit badges this year. They earned 120 and 40 different ones between them all. That is a lot of hard work!!!! The question now is where the hec do you put a patch that big???

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