Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn

Scary! I liked this ghost story even though I NEVER read scary books. My sister said it was worth the time to read. It was. BUT I am still scared! This was a short read, took me a few hours in two days. I think it would be good for 10 or 11 yr. olds.

I thought it was very clever how the author told the story from a little girls point of view about another little girl who see's the ghost first. The whole family is going through a hard transition. The mom remarried and the new dad has a mean daughter working through her own baggage of emotions. Everyone has to learn to love and trust each other but then there is this ghost girl! Okay I won't give it all away.. AND I love happy endings so this was a feel good book despite being so scary! Did I mention it was a scary one?

Healing Book

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