Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art class - Artist Geogia O'Keefe

Since this was the month of St. Patrick's Day I picked an American artist with connections to Ireland. Georgia O'Keefe's dad was Irish. She also died in March after living to be almost 100 yrs. old. So we kind of celebrated an anniversary. She is a wonderful artist that likes to paint it the way she sees it not the way anyone else does or wants it to be painted.

She is famous for her Large flowers painted bigger and brighter then you normally see them. She made the blossoms so big so that everyone in New York despite being in such a hurry couldn't miss them. She also liked to paint cattle skulls in the dessert. I liked these. They were very well done and actually beautiful.

Here is our art around the one picture in the book that is hers.

She also liked to draw the dessert in New Mexico where she lived most of the end of her life and she painted shells. Here is the nephew's shell drawing. I loved it!

I really enjoyed learning about this artist. She was famous before she died. Many people told her to give up, she was a girl, she was poor and she had a controlling husband BUT she didn't loose her dream to be paint what she loved and make something of herself. She did that and did it fabulously. You can learn more about her here. I love to just look at all the images of her paintings when you google her name. She inspired me so much I bought my own pastel oil paints.

Okay just one more because the colors are so brilliant!


Scorchi said...

Wow. She doesn't look very happy,but she sure paints beautiful flowers! Wish i could paint like that.

The Bec-ster said...

She is not very happy in that picture because her husband was a photographer and always wanted her to pose for pictures. She had to hold still and endure it for hours, day after day when all she wanted was to paint and be outside!
After she got away from him and the city she was much happier.