Friday, January 29, 2010


I sure learn a lot when I teach a class about something I didn't know anything before I started. Thursday I taught a little class on Monet and Impressionism. I have looked at all kinds of websites and checked out a bunch of books and now my dreams are filled with reflection of light and waterlilies! I really have not ever had a chance to study the great artists before. I always pursued singing and sports over drawing and painting. The more I learn the more fascinating it all is to me.

These are a few of the finished products. We used sponges and taped off the bridge, that is why it is so white. It would be fun to try this again with what we learned from this first time attempt. The kids of course painted as fast as they could and then ran off to play.

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Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Looks like fun. It is always nice to learn something new.