Friday, January 08, 2010

The Dred Scott Decision by Bonnie Lukes

I picked this book up at the library after reading about the ridiculous way British parliament went about abolishing the slave trade in Britain. Well, seems the court systems in America at the time was just as ridiculous. It took 11 years for Dred Scott to finally get his freedom and it wasn't from a court decision but because he changed owners and was set free.
This book was from the Famous Trials series. The authors take a case and go over the history, include newspaper clipping, time lines and pictures to help it make more sense. Then as you walk through the case step by step. After all of that I conclude that it is a fact that America has a really shoddy history when it comes to common sense and equal rights. Sure it wasn't anything new but to be reminded of stupidity always makes me mad all over again.
The Supreme court was full of wicked greedy men and the lawyers were biased because of being from the South. So many people suffered and yet everyone drug their feet. Sad, very sad. Happily the Civil War was full of courageous people willing to step forward in the name of Freedom for everyone, not only the whites but all colors. Sadly the Civil War was full of death. Happily we can look at history and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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