Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery by Eric Metaxas

If you liked the movie then this book is the rest of the story! The movie really down plays Wilberforce's relationship with God and the influence it had on the decisions he made in life. It also leaves tons of interesting things out but the book helps fill in the gaps. One thing I didn't like was how all the other people that helped Wilberforce like the Champlain group, they were kind of skimmed over. I bet they each have an inspiring story to tell all by themselves. Abolishing the slave trade in Britain was a group effort. Wilberforce was a key player but he wouldn't have got far without his connections and the hard work of so many others.

The Book takes you all the way from Wilberforce's childhood, schooling, friends and then helps you understand why he didn't just give up on his life long pursuit of abolishing the slave trade in Britain despite a lot of defeat and disapointment. He literally changed the world by his actions, letters and speeches. He rallied countless people to good causes and changed the way society thought not just changing a law here or there but actually changed a way of thinking and the old wicked traditions around him. He didn't only go after slave trade but also prison reform, animal rights, and really gross things like hangings, burnings and public dissections.
His faith was strong and unshakable. He truly wanted to walk in Jesus footsteps and found that he could do this best by serving in politics at a time when parliament was dirty and self promoting. He changed this too!
This book wasn't just interesting historically it was also makes you really look at your own life and realize maybe you could be a change for good in your own community. He never lost sight of the goal and even to the last he hoped that he had done enough to make it to heaven.

Whole Book, healing book

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