Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Agent In Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston

This was a really good book! I wasn't sure at first because it was LDS Fiction but I was happily surprised at how fun it was to read. In fact I couldn't put it down because it was quite suspenseful and a bit scary. It also had a little romance in there too.
The story starts out with a kidnapping, which alone was really scary and makes you take a look at your own life. Today I even looked around suspiciously at people in the Wal-mart parking lot wondering if they were following me or going to stuff me in their car at gunpoint. I also thought through some made up scenarios in my mind on getting away from a bad person. I wondered if I would be able to keep a cool head and not just panic or freeze out of fright. In the book the lady that was kidnapped, Shannon, does keep her cool and she is scared but still is able to escape. She has a lot of trust in God and prays that she will be able to get through some tough parts and be inspired to know what to do. She remembers things that she has read or learned about what to do in case of the type of danger so she is prepared. Most of the things didn't work but she doesn't give up and eventually something works.
I really like Shannon because she isn't like the oh so popular Belle in the Vampire books which everyone can't seem to get over lately, who is so helpless and silly relying on someone else to always save her. Unlike her Shannon in Agent In Old Lace is self confident and smart. She does what she has to do and keeps her head. Yes she does have a handsome guy that saves her a few times but it doesn't cripple her or the story. He even teaches her some self defense moves so she can even feel more empowered just in case she needs to fight off a sociopath of course.
The story moves right along, it is a bit predictable yet it is written well enough so you get caught up in the story and you don't spend time second guessing the mysteries too much. When I was close to the end I gave a great sigh of a relief when a part came together yet it wasn't the end yet...there was a few more chapters clearing up a few left over details that were intertwined throughout the story from the beginning. It was a like a little bonus.
As for the author doing her homework on the Utah gun laws, well I'll have to give her credit for coming a long way to know what a clip and a magazine were but I am pretty sure you don't need a permit for a shotgun or even to use a firearm on your own property, especially in self-defense. I could be wrong but anyway, minor detail. The FBI in the story sure aren't very professional sometimes also.
Like I said, this was a fun, easy and imaginative book to read. I am looking forward to reading more books by Tristi Pinkston. She has a few historical fiction books out. They look really interesting and I will let you know when I read them!

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