Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

This was a book about a little boy, a dragon and a Brownie. (what a Brownie is I still don't know... something furry and eats mushrooms). They go on an adventure to find the Rim of Heaven where dragons are safe to live. They are chased by the Golden Dragon...not really a dragon and they meet some nice people on the way and some not so nice things. They also pick up a spy and a raven or crow is following them, he is a bad red eyed crow.
Okay without giving away the story...they have a pretty interesting adventure and it was a very well written book. The book was actually written in German and then translated into English. I enjoyed it and recommmend it to anyone that likes books about dragons.

Whole Book, Healing Book

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elesa said...

I liked this book a lot. I listened to it read by Brendan Fraser which was just so fun!