Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movies recently watched...

We really like Redbox, super cheap and convenient ...I wanted to just recommend a few recently viewed movies.

Australia starring Nicole Kidman as Sarah Ashley and Hugh Jackman as "Drover"! This movie takes place right around the pearl harbor attack by Japan. They also attacked Australia in an air raid. The story talks about the Aborigine people and the children that were half white and half Aborigine, which were sadly as mistreated as the African Americans in the USA during the time of slavery. Sarah Ashley has to get 2,000 head of cattle to the boats to sell before the bad guys sign the contract with the military or something but the bad guys are trying very hard to make sure she fails. She also falls in love on the way and she also bonds with a little boy and wants to adopt him. It is a movie full of adventure, drama, and of course romance. (lots of kissing near the end and my kids always gross out.) I recommend it for those of you that can fast forward through the one sex scene!

The next movie I recommend is All Roads Lead Home starring Peter Boyle, Vivien Cardone , Jason Landon, Evan Parke and Vanessa Branch. The story is about a little girl and how she works through loosing her mother, well not only she is working this through but her father and grandfather too. She really likes horses and dogs. She spends time with her grumpy grandpa and learns about life and death and how we have to take responsibility for our pets and our lives.

There are a lot of funny lines in the movie but I think some of them were suppossed to be serious. The character Poovey was really funny. He died of cancer shortly after this movie was filmed.
Poovey:" Some say cats have nine lives. Ol' Linus here has used up about 12. Ran over him twice myself. Something in that maybe. Like never counting yourself out. "

I highly recommend this one for the whole family to see at least once...don't think I could take it a second time around. There isn't much kissing and not even one sex scene. There is a lot of serious talk about killing animals and even pulling the plug on a humans. I am not sure what the movie was trying to take a stand on...for or against. And there is some very cute puppies in this movie. (for all you dog lovers out there!)

Fireproof. Starring Kirk Cameron, Catherine Holt and Ken Bevel (I think he was the best actor or at least had the best lines.) I liked this movie despite it being one of those Christian low budget type movies. It was the same people that did Facing the Giants and they are getting better at movie making. It is about a heroic fireman in a failing marriage (he is viewing porn online, is really being selfish and prideful) and he takes up his father's challenge to be part of a 40-day experiment designed to teach both husband and wife the real meaning of commitment, the Love Dare. The most exciting part of the movie was the car on the railroad track and the firemen try to save the people stuck in the car while the train is coming. I also liked the analogies that were given about marriage (salt and pepper shaker)and the real life struggle from both the husband and wives perspectives when it came to communication and gaining back trust. The best part was how it all came back to God's love for us and the Savior understanding all our weaknesses but loving us still so much that he would die for us. Movies usually don't talk about that important part of life. It was an okay movie, not a whole lot of kissing and absolutely no sex scenes or swearing. Kids would find it boring...okay my husband found it boring too. I liked it, once probably wouldn't see it again.

I also finally saw Twilight. Starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart It was pretty bad and way too much staring going on. I think they were trying to portray in love or mind reading. Way too much makeup on the Vampire. Not enough action, the ending moved right along and I wish the whole movie was like the ending. BUT I do like movies that stay true to the book. This one didn't add anything and followed the original story pretty well. Don't recommend it unless every other movie you wanted to rent is already checked out and you have a dollar to waste along with a few hours.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon is coming out Nov. 2009. Yeah for us!

Okay that is it for now. I also don't really recommend Bolt, well maybe just once. It did have a few funny lines and a lot of slobber but I don't think I could see it again. Great for the whole family and the best part was laughing at Mike laughing so hard at the funny lines.

Don't forget the Kettle Corn Popcorn!

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Brent and J really enjoyed bolt. I wasn't invited, according to J.