Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better by Gary Lundberg and Joy Lundberg

Awesome Book. Very insightful and great examples to apply immediately to my personal life. At first I read it in denial and thought of all the people it applied to...but after I picked the book up half way through, 6 months later, I realize that EVERYTHING in the book applies directly to ME. I am the one that needs to change and I am the one that has been going about the whole world with a critical let me fix it for you attitude. I never listen! I haven't listened probably my whole life...I always jump in with a solution to fix things and impart my great wisdom on everyone and anyone. I thought I was helping! I thought I was being nice. BUT it usually isn't what people want...I don't...why would they?

I realize I can't change myself overnight but I can try a little everyday to apply the things in this book and hopefully my relationship with my dear husband and my children and then my siblings and in laws and parents will change. Someday s I will do great and sometimes...I will slip into the old fix it attitude I feel comfortable with. I will apologize ahead of time for all the past fix its and the future fix its that slip.

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Scorchi said...

I am so a fixer person, too. I want to 'help' everyone make everything all better! Trina gave me the book to read and it was so foreign to my way of thinking, I couldn't bear to read it.

I guess I have to humble myself and plow through it!

Good job reading it, Becky!