Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

Kids on the street...but not your typical city kids like in New York or LA. These kids are in Italy! That right there puts an interesting twist on the story. There are a lot of Italian words, places and customs that make the story so different in a way you can't put the book down. The city is full of tourists, sculptures, museums, old churches, bridges and boats. (There are no cars in Venice it is built on a series of Islands on the Adriatic Sea.)

The kids are homeless but a boy called the Thief Lord helps them find an old theater to live in and also helps them get food and clothing. He steals stuff and they sell it to an antiques dealer. The antiques guy always cheats them but a little money is better then nothing. The Thief Lord is mysterious. They all think he is brave and fearless. The little kids look up to him and want to be just like him. But stealing is bad, right?

Well they have quite an adventure staying out of the way of the cops, hiding from a mean Aunt and playing tricks on a detective. The books ending takes a very unique twist and the kids find themselves in a bad predicament. They have to make some hard choices about their future which they really don't have many options when you are without parents, money and a home.

The kids are brave and they stick together even when it gets hard. With a little imagination the ending is actually pretty enchanted Merry go round is all it takes to change your life! Want to ride it? Read the book and then decide what you would do.

Slightly Broken, Healing book

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